Monday, April 27, 2009

Candy, Candy anyone???

I can't decide what holiday I want to work on right now, so Americana is always a good one! Covers 4th of July, Memorial Day, President's Day, and so on. And why not? We live in the best nation in the world! So here's a candy cup sailor boy for all you patriotic folks out there.
Inspired by a great artisan, David of Chicken Lips Studios, who is the master at this, I created a little JOL candy cup. These are a lot harder than they look to create, so I probably won't be doing too many, but I do want to try a cat, a bat and an owl. Have you taken the time to check out the AHA blog lately? We sure have some talented folks over there!


snippetgirl said...

Very cute new items! You do people so well...i admire that since i can't do them at all!! I have been admiring David's candy containers too. Yours looks wonderful as well!

Anonymous said...

adorable.... and yes, they are VERY hard... I made a pumpkin last year with wire form and papier mache' GGGEEEEEZZZZZ!!!! That was insanity... Big hugs and lovely lovely lovely offerings... HUgs, MO

Sheryl Parsons said...

Oh Mo! That would be a bit tough. I still have a slightly curly JOL lantern form that I did over a balloon that lost it's air while I was gone over a weekend. I will do something with it, but it definitely needs another layer of paper mache. Thanks Carrie!


Anonymous said...

These are amazing!