Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day through recycled art and gardening

I must admit that I didn't realize it was Earth Day until I saw Carries' blog at Snippetgirl. But I've been celebrating all day! I worked on a cloth and clay doll creation this morning, that will have a patriotic theme. The painted wood you see in the front of the doll will be a part of her finished creation. It was a piece off of a cable spool, that I found on the ground. Was too cool to walk past and leave.
Emmett and I spent a good part of the morning planting as I'm getting starts going to take with me to Oregon in 3 weeks. My trunk will be full of seedlings. I can't just plant one you know.
Here's a bed of peas, garlic and swiss chard. The neighborhood cats would love to use these as litter boxes so I keep chicken wire over the beds.
My Rosemary, Oregano and Chives are doing quite well and could use some trimming back.
And last but not least, some tomatoes, herbs, peppers and cauliflower almost ready to transplant. Perhaps you noticed that I've used cardboard egg cartons, and cleaned up meat trays for some of my starts. I also use toilet paper rolls for collars for my little starts to help keep the cut worms and such away. The nice thing about them and the egg cartons is that they will break down and add to the soil. They are considered "brown" compost material as they are created from recyclable material. So here's to Earth Day!


snippetgirl said...

Hey Sheryl!
I LOVE this post!! It's great to see your plantings. You are clearly experienced with this :)! Thanks for giving me some tips. We will have to share our "after" photos in the coming months!
Have a great day!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

Our garden is in! This is our first year for white eggplant but the usual tomoatoes, okra, peppers, squash and herbs are happily in the warm earth. Don't you feel like you are doing something good for "Mother Earth" when you have a garden (good for YOU too!!!!).