Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday's Fish Tale and Flowers WIP'S

 A fish story in the making is this future wall hanging. Last year at Wallowa Lake, Oregon a man from Pendleton caught a world record Kokanee Salmon weighing 9.67 lbs, at 27.75 inches long. Wallowa Lake Fishing One of the galleries in Joseph, which is about a mile north of the lake, asked if I could create a fish wall hanging that would be about the same length as this big monster fish, so I've tackled the challenge. Watch, someone will break the record again and I will have to make another one, oh darn? Lol. Actually, these are fun to do. Hopefully this fella will take off to the art show with me on Monday, and be beaded and wired and ready to show at the gallery next week.
 This is another one of my fun and funky abstracts in the works, again hopefully destined to go into another gallery in Joseph next week. I'm trying to decide whether I like it better the way you see it above, or below. I still have a few layers of color to add to it, but times getting short so I'd better get this finished today or tomorrow.
My stepson is coming from California today, we go to Kent's parents tomorrow after work, Saturday we celebrate Kent's birthday, and Sunday we are back here to speak in church. I can see me finishing these and one more piece Sunday night as we are going to be sooooo busy for the next few days. Ah well, so much for a relaxing weekend aye? The upside is that I'll be stopping at a friend's place on Monday to spend the night and help her with a blog set up. I'm excited about that as she creates some amazing vintage western art and wall hangings as well as jewelry, so she needs to be on the web! We also get to visit with a teacher we had at church when we were 14. Gee that was a loooong time ago.
Then I will stay with a friend at Wallowa Lake as we have a house sitter I don't want to uproot just for a few days. So I will get to fish with my friend, and we shall see whether we can catch a record trout from her dock. Probably not, but a girl can dream right?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Mad Dash.....

 I only have a moment to run in, post and take off to do other "stuff", but the 3 queens are finally done! Once I put their little felt dots on their stands, sign them and carefully wrap them up, I can get them on their way to Australia where the Queen of Hearts is waiting amongst a bevvy of cats and I'm sure other delightful creations.
 I've already started on a fish sculpture for a gallery in Oregon, and need to do some catch up for other opportunities before I make my weekly run in to the in-laws. It sure feels good to get these ladies done.
You know that you should never say never, but I really would love to say I will never commission so many pieces at one time again, at least at this juncture in my life, but then I'm a glutton for a challenge or punishment, however you choose to look at it. I wouldn't mind doing another set of these, on my own time, as I can see some possibilities for changes. It's always that way though isn't it? You start on  a project, and before you know it, ideas are whirling around in your head while you are trying to focus on the task at hand. Well, now to the other things I've got to do....have a great Monday all!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unarmed, but dangerous-

ly close to being finished, the Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Spades await their arms and crowns. Their sister, the Queen of Clubs, is only half dressed so she begged out on this photo shoot. I hope to have them finished and on their way to Australia this week, whew! I never thought I would have a problem with a commission, but it seems that as soon as I said yes, life threw me a curve. Luckily the sweet gal who purchased these is an angel and very understanding.
Wish me luck as I attack the house tonight and finally get it in order, so I can get back to these gals and finish up later. I need to take a break and get up off the hinder ender for a bit. Sitting most of the day is not good, but I am very pleased with the progress I've made. Prayers work!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Have you ever had .....

..........  what appears to be a stress dream and not know why? Last night I dreamed I was in Oregon getting ready to help with the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts, only to discover I had left my two entries back in Utah, EEEK!!! I don't know why it happened; for the first time since I've been entering into this show I have my work done well ahead of time due to the change in set up and the jury process, which is most of the battle in my opinion. Being accepted is the other part, and you can see by this photo that I'm in! So where the dream came from I don't know.
Sure I'm under a lot of stress right now. I live in a never ending, open ended life plan as we are not sure when my father-in-law will pass away. Each week as I drive the 100 miles one way to go spend a couple of days with Mom and Dad, he looks more and more gaunt, and complains of feeling weaker all the time. He sleeps most of the day now, and is in such pain that we just don't know how he stands it. He gets dressed every morning though, with a lot of trouble due to severe arthritis, and will try and do things such as water the lawn, take out the trash, and so on. Sometimes he looks as if he will collapse and we are amazed at how he keeps going. So hubby and I take turns tending to them, he goes in on the weekends and sometimes I go as well, and trying to keep Mom from doing things she will regret as she doesn't see very well and hears even less. I've put in a garden for them and us, and it gives Dad something to tend to in that he makes sure the little Parson's Patch is watered.
When I'm home my job, besides tending the twins 3 days a week is to help keep hubby's spirits up. His job is tremendously stressful, and while he doesn't dump all his problems on me, he is not a very happy camper right now and that wears on me because I hate to see him so frustrated with the mountain of work he has in trying to clean up a school that has been let go for over 10 years now. Add to that trying to keep up with children and grandchildren, church responsibilities and such, it gets so crazy I can't concentrate on the commission I have to finish, much less any other art. If you're like me a messy house is a downer and adds to all that. Right now I feel like a boat without a rudder, directionless and wandering aimlessly adrift. That must be the reason for the dream because I'm actually ready for the show and can't wait to head to Oregon. Thank goodness I get to stay home this weekend! All will work out I know, but it's funny how dreams happen.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Orange and Black and Halloween Like That!

 Orange and black and Halloween like that!
we decorate each Autumn,
For fun and scares, black cats and bats....
we frolic, and shriek among them.

The moon and sun will take their turn,
to add the colors of Fall...
with chill and cold and sun and night,
it's the spookiest season of all!

A little fun with vintage buttons, beads and wire to get you in a Halloween mood. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crows or Raven....

 There are those who would crow, or not depending on their character. Such was a former president I admire greatly - "I have no desire to crow over anybody or to see anybody eating crow, figuratively or otherwise. We should all get together and make a country in which everybody can eat turkey whenever he pleases. "
Harry S. Truman

Here's a quote that gives one pause to think - "Method is more important than strength, when you wish to control your enemies. By dropping golden beads near a snake, a crow once managed to have a passer-by kill the snake for the beads."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In Alaska the "crows" were actually ravens, birds large enough to haul away a cat or small dog. They rivaled the eagles in size and noise.When I hear a " Caw Caw" today I still expect to see these giant shiny black birds, but most often see a much smaller version. 
Regardless, crows and ravens are the subject of many an artist's muse.  I've tried my hand at them as well, and would like to explore this topic more. I have prints available at Mother's Dream Artworks of these three versions. Have you used crows or ravens in your art?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lovely sparkly glittery things........

 I've always loved sparkly pretties, especially when they are colorful and wearable. Mom used to have charm bracelets that we would put on and play with when we were doing the dress up thing.We loved to look through all her pretties and try them on, and since she's passed I've gotten a couple of her pretties to remind me of her.
 I also love to create gifts of all sorts for friends and loved ones, and anyone whose looked at beads knows you can't just buy a couple of strands. Once you get started, you come up with all sorts of rationales for why you need this or that color or style. What woman doesn't like to have a nice matching set of earrings and bracelet or necklace to match their favorite outfit?
 Okay, so maybe there are a couple of women out there, but really..... I would bet truth be told, they have a secret stash of bangles and baubles somewhere they will pull out for that special occasion. For me, that occasion can be as simple as running to Walmart.
I've opened a new shop on etsy to sell jewelry and collectibles. I have a bunch of pretty things created, and will get them all posted here shortly, but here is where I'm starting. I use all glass, metal or gemstone beads, no plastic here! To see where I'm starting, here's a peek at my etsy shop, Simply Sheryl's

Monday, May 2, 2011

Roadtrip Roses ACEO prints on etsy

Roses are some of the loveliest of flowers with a long tradition of being a symbol of romance and love. They were my mom's favorite flower, so whenever someone wanted to show they cared, roses were the gift for her.
The earliest roses are said to have flourished 35 million-years ago, with rose hips being found in Europe and petrified rose wreaths have been unearthed from ancient Egyptian tombs.
The tradition of giving a red rose to your sweetheart became popular in the 1700’s when King Charles II of Sweden introduced Europe to the Persian custom of the “language of flowers”.
Different colors of roses have special meaning such as RED for romantic love, YELLOW for joy, friendship and affection, DEEP PINK means gratitude and appreciation, LIGHT PINK means admiration, and WHITE means purity, reverence, humility.
The roses in this painting are yellow with an edging of deep pink on the petals, so perhaps they could be for that wonderful friend who brings joy into your life, and you want to show your gratitude, affection and appreciation to.  This little print is perfect for a gift to that special friend, and can be tucked into a gift bag or basket easily. Learn more about them at my etsy shop.
Do you have roses in your flower beds? What is your favorite color?