Thursday, May 15, 2008

Walking Away From the World

You may be wondering what these images have to do with my thoughts today, or maybe hopefully I can tie this all in.
My struggle to juggle all the responsibilities I've taken on has continued, and I find myself missing opportunities to reach out to my children and other family members, because I've filled my life with too many things. From city council to all the artistic groups I belong to on ebay, plus having a buyer for my ornaments in Houston, and my new calling as Young Women president at church, oh, and the job, I have so little time to even think these days, that I'm getting worn out. I was lamenting my plight to my husband last night to which his response was to just listen. I fell asleep thinking and stressing about all this and praying that the Lord would help me know what I should walk away from.
This morning as my husband was eating his breakfast I noticed an article in the LDS church news that he was reading by Sheri Dew titled "Influence for Good" - 'Lord's Secret weapon'....'Let us be the generation of women that finally walks away from the world'. She talks about the five principles about influence we need to understand, Quote" First, we all have more influence than we think; second, righteous influence is a spiritual gift; third, having influence is not about elevating self but about lifting others; fourth, it isn't possible NOT to have influence; and fifth, women of God have influence that has no limit and no end." close quote. So as I go throughout my day today, and figure out how to best re-organize my life to be in keeping with what the Lord would want from me I will remember these five principles.
One other very important point she brought up that caught my eye and I want to share, and I will shorten this for today is that we should conciously ask ourselves in everyday situations, "Why has the Lord brought me here today?" and then look for ways to build up people and the kingdom of God. It means asking the Lord what He needs me to do rather than feverishly working down my list of To-Do's that may or may not have lasting significance.
So as I go through my day today, these will be my guiding principles and thoughts. I hope by sharing this you too, can find some good in what she said. We as women are here to build a better world and I know that by following certain principles we can have a lasting influence for change.... have a great day.....