Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sometimes you just have to make something for you....

I don't know about you, but sometimes it's hard to let everything you create go out the door for someone else. Sure, we all enjoy the joy and pleasure folks get from our creations, but sometimes don't you just want to keep something for yourself?
I decided to get ahead of that and just create a necklace and earrings set to go with a western shirt I have. Funny thing, the shirt is almost too big for me now, but hey, I can still wear it so why not? The colors are compatible with other items of clothing in my closet so its a win/win!  I wore this to watch the Chief Joseph Days parade, and got several compliments on the necklace which is a pay off wouldn't you say? Giggle!
It's time to put this set away though as we are going on a picnic out in the woods, and then on to fishing. Not the sort of thing you wear to the lake where the only company you have are folks in jeans and t-shirts or cattle or deer and a heron or flock of geese. I'm thinking I want a nice sweater to wear this with for Autumn time...what do you think?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's WIP's Wild Horses and Santas?

 Yesterday marked the opening of Chief Joseph Days here in Wallowa County with the Bucking Horse Stampede down main street in Joseph. I had a front row seat of sorts as I was able to set up a table and work on some of my Santa's in front of Missy's Uptown Art Gallery. What fun that was, with all sorts of interesting folks stopping by to watch and chat! It also gave me insight as to what people are thinking about my work. I garnered a couple of potential collectors, and met folks that have already bought a couple of pieces or are interested, so that was a wonderful thing. I will be able to do more demo work on Friday in front of the same gallery, right after the Kiddie Parade, and another gallery wants me to do the same at her place. One of my larger driftwood Santas sold last week, along with a fish wall hanging so I'm raring to get some  more work done. 
Oh, and the horses finally found their way down through town, running through at a "stampede" pace, which was much better than last year, as you can see in the above picture when they seemed to stop to pose for photos in front of the bowling
So how's your week going?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brigham Young - Creator, Inventor

Although he is probably most known by non-Mormons as the man who led the church into the Salt Lake Valley way back in 1847, there is  a side to this amazing man that many don't know. It's Pioneer Day today, the day we of the LDS faith commemorate the sacrifices the early pioneers made to trek to Utah where they could live in peace. So I thought I would share a bit of information about a man who not only was an early prophet and leader of our church, but a city builder, and amazing carpenter and wood worker.
As a young apprentice in a boat painting shop he created an invention to crush the dye used in making the paints.

He was a master carpenter and wood worker who built door fittings, carved mantle pieces and various pieces of furniture still found in the old homes around Auburn, New York.
Not only was he a wise leader, but he built homes cities. An amazing man that I thought I would share a bit about with you.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cowgirl Chic and Vintage Button Magic

 It's rodeo time in Joseph, Oregon, with Chief Joseph days right around the corner so all the local shops have cowboyed, or dolled up their windows with everything western. We kick off the big week with the wild bucking horse stampede on Tuesday, then Wednesday night the rodeos start. For all you closet rodeo queens, or styling cowgirls, I've created a chunky but chic faux turquoise and large pearl piece. Can't you see some cowboy's sweetheart dancing the night away at the Thunder Room with this lovely necklace around her neck?
 No ensemble is complete without earrings to match. Some lil darlin will dazzle all the men next week for sure!
 A match made in heaven was formed with these large vintage button and the flat shell beads. I've been trying to pull something together with the pearly brown and white beads, but couldn't quite do it until I got back to Oregon and found the vintage button stash I'd left here. The delicious dark chocolate brown pearls and sparkly crystal beads compliment the overall collection of beads and button. Copper chain was a perfect choice to finish this necklace with. I'm making one similar for me because I like how this design turned out. What color would you have used with this button?
 Another cowgirl chic piece, complete with ox brass beads, deep red crystal beads and Howlite turquoise beads.
 I so wish I had another button like this one to create with as there are so many possibilities for use, but here's a fun and funky version that was a conversation piece at the Westsider's dinner last night. The greens are really more of a teal, but are showing up as more of a true green on my screen. Pearl beads, vintage shell buttons, copper flowers and findings all came together to showcase this awesome button.
Earrings to match. This is for my own personal collection, but I just had to share. :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wooohooo do you love?

Shrieeeeeeeek! I said as I perused the internet for black heart themed things to reference, so I will not go down that road because I love you. ;-) Instead I will try and entice you with a photo of this wickedly cool necklace that has "I LOve Halloween!" all over it. From the black ceramic heart to the heart shaped lobster claw clasp, complimented by a delightful owl charm and the orange, black and white theme, this one of a kind piece is the second in my I Love Halloween jewelry collection. It has a nice chunky chain, and at 24 inches long, this will be able to be worn with any ensemble, outfit, or clothes you might wear...;-0.
See more at Simply Sheryl's.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love Halloween! A new jewelry collection from Simply Sheryl's

 I have a new addiction...... the good thing is there are no calories, harmful chemicals or weight gain involved! Okay, there is a down side, it can be a bit costly unless I put a limit on my spending, but I am really really enjoying making jewelry. It's sooo hard to just buy one thing when I run in to find some jump rings, or a tool or something. I was walking through the bead aisle of my favorite local store and spied some black ceramic hearts, which led me to the orange ceramic beads, and then to the off white shell beads and on it went. I immediately saw Halloween when I saw those hearts, probably because a good number of my contemporaries love creating Halloween. Thus my I Love Halloween collection was born.
 My first piece includes OX brass findings and an adorable owl charm, along with all the afore mentioned beads.
At 24 inches long it will be perfect for the colder weather clothing, I can see this dressing up a very cool sweater or cowel neck top. Perhaps something layered but what ever you wear this with you are sure to get attention. Stop by Simply Sheryl's at etsy for more information.