Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday's WIP's Wild Horses and Santas?

 Yesterday marked the opening of Chief Joseph Days here in Wallowa County with the Bucking Horse Stampede down main street in Joseph. I had a front row seat of sorts as I was able to set up a table and work on some of my Santa's in front of Missy's Uptown Art Gallery. What fun that was, with all sorts of interesting folks stopping by to watch and chat! It also gave me insight as to what people are thinking about my work. I garnered a couple of potential collectors, and met folks that have already bought a couple of pieces or are interested, so that was a wonderful thing. I will be able to do more demo work on Friday in front of the same gallery, right after the Kiddie Parade, and another gallery wants me to do the same at her place. One of my larger driftwood Santas sold last week, along with a fish wall hanging so I'm raring to get some  more work done. 
Oh, and the horses finally found their way down through town, running through at a "stampede" pace, which was much better than last year, as you can see in the above picture when they seemed to stop to pose for photos in front of the bowling
So how's your week going?


LLA Creations said...

The Santa’s are looking great can't wait to see them done! Horses are always beautiful :)

Sheryl Parsons said...

Thank you for stopping by! I see you are a carver, awesome work. :-)