Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Counting my blessings this morning......

I'm counting my blessings this morning as I have much to be thankful for. I'm in Missouri visiting Stephanie, her hubby and my granddaughter. Kent was in an accident last night that could have killed him. He was on his way home from work meetings in Tooele. A cow had wandered on to I-80 between SLC and Wendover. Someone had just hit it before him and as he rounded the corner he saw two cars stopped on the side of the road so he swung around them only to hit the cow head on himself. It was night time and the cow was black so he didn't see it until it was too late. His car rolled several times and slid several yards before coming to a stop. He doesn't remember getting out of the car, but he did on his own and wandered into the middle of the road where someone grabbed him and wrapped him in a blanket. He was given a ride home by a friends husband, who happens to be a trooper. He refused to go to the hospital as Annie was home and by herself. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers as my husband was spared last night. I-80 is a very busy freeway, with many semi trucks traveling at night. I still don't have the full story as Kent was still slightly in shock when he called last night, but needless to say, I'm so grateful that he is still alive.
This brings me to a reflection on this time of year. I love the Autumn season with all the glorious colors and the excitement of the upcoming holidays. The one thing I really wish we would all take time to do is take time to truly enjoy Thanksgiving, and not rush headlong into Christmas right after Halloween. The stores have already put up Christmas decorations which makes me feel pressured and pushed along to just get Thanksgiving over with. I think I will start a movement to push Thanksgiving to the fore front so that we can get back to normal. So I will have to post another thread on that topic.
For now, lets take time to mentally list the blessings this year has brought to us.
Here's my list:
1. I'm grateful for my grandparents generosity in leaving us a trust. It has helped me be able to afford to travel to see my children, and be able to bring them to see me. It has helped us be able to make some improvements to our home in Oregon without going into debt. Because my health is keeping me from being able to work full time, their foresight has blessed me to be able to do all this. I was also able to go to my neice's wedding which I might not have been able to do otherwise.
2. I'm so grateful that my husband survived his crash last night! The car is totalled and he is still alive and well.! He has been a blessing to my family and I don't know what I would do without him.
3. I'm grateful that my son and his little family want to move closer. I have waited for years to have my children close to me again and can't wait to spoil my grandson.
4. I'm grateful for the time I've been able to spend with other family members, and that I feel closer to my Aunt Patti.
5. I'm grateful for all the new friends I've made this year through my art and creativity plus my work. They are an inspiration to me and give me an incentive to be better at all that I do.
6. I'm grateful for my little Primary class and the sweet spirits they are. The best way to feel closer to our Heavenly Father and the Savior is to teach little children about them. The insight you can gain as you view the gospel through the eyes of a child, is priceless.
7. I am grateful for the talents that I've been blessed with and the opportunities to share them with others.
So dear friends, don't forget to count your blessings each day and remember where they come from. Feel free to add your list here because I'm sure your list will help us add to ours as well.