Monday, April 16, 2012

Victorian Hair Art

Today I was supposed to go to DUP with my mother-in-law where they were sharing information about human hair art. We missed it because I can't drive right now due to medication induced fog to help me with pain. Thank goodness this is temporary as I don't like being foggy, but the meds are sure helping until I can get PT. I'm such a lightweight, but I digress.
DUP or Daughters of Utah Pioneers meet once a month to share history and information on all sorts of things related to their ancestors. Years ago my husband took his daughter and me to the Pioneer Museum where I was first exposed to hair art. It's amazing what folks will do to be creative or come up with ways to remember those who have gone before them. I was fascinated by this art form, as it, at least to me, was unique. Some of the flowers and such were quite intricate. Many were preserved under frames and glass. My husband shared with me that his dad's mom showed him some little vase like vessels made from family members hair, and she was able to tell him whose hair it was. No one knows where they went to after she passed away, but wouldn't that be an intriguing bit of family history and a unique memento to pass along?
At "The Constant Gatherer" blog by Katie Runnels, you can see some amazing images of this art, as well as glean more information. Have fun, and let me know what you think!