Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree Toppers.... Mother's Dream Style...

 Simple yet sweet, both of these tree topper, table sitters are a new addition to my designs. They were fun as well as relatively fast to create, which makes for a nice change of pace from what I normally do. Don't you just love it when creativity flows?
Both of these can be found at ebay

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just so heads don't roll....

 I often use rice in a tub to help steady what I'm working on, or for a place to put things to dry. I had so many little snowman heads though that I had to resort to a pizza pan to keep the little darlings from rolling over and crushing their hats. What do you use?
Here's a sneak peek at some WIPs I'm finishing up as well. The big show set up is Tuesday, eeek! I'd better get back to work!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm on the Creative Paperclay Design Team!

I have been so remiss in making this announcement! I was chosen to be on the Creative Paperclay design team for the next few months, and there's been so much going on I haven't posted this as I should, so here I am now, sharing the exciting news! I am looking forward to testing new products, and challenging myself to new heights, or lows....lol. We shall see what happens, but what ever may come, I know this will be a fun and growth promoting experience. You can follow us at Creative Paperclay Blog to see the rest of the team, and the fun new projects for you to try out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Primitive Vintage Victorian Style Folk Art Driftwood Santa

I have a confession to make. I'm one of those folks who find it very annoying to see Christmas decor up in stores before we've celebrated Thanksgiving. I know, I know, sounds contradictory doesn't it? Lol. Yes, in some ways it is, but I so love the colors and feel of Autumn and harvest time, that I want to savor it as much as possible. My heart swells at the sight of freshly harvested fields, pumpkins stacked on porches, warm apple cider steaming in mugs.
Sure, I have been creating Christmas art for months now, but due to the nature of the buying public, and the need to be ahead of the game, I must do what I do. So being the accommodating person that I am, I will be offering a multitude of Santa pieces on ebay as well as etsy and Reasons to Believe . As a matter of fact, all three places have some of my newest creations available. So take a moment if you would, grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and wander off to take a peek at my newest offerings. The hand carved Santa above is at my etsy shop now, and you can see him here

So many things to share, so little time, and a chance to win!

 The second of three posts today, I'm trying to squeeze in computer duties with sculpting. It's been crazy busy here and there, which means I'm busy at home and at the in-laws. I've sequestered myself into my apartment to get ready for a show at the Nugget here in Wendover this Saturday, so snowman heads are popping up all over, little Santa figures are coming to life, as well as an angel or two. I've need to share though that I have the Santa above on ebay right now. The auction ends on Saturday.
This adorable driftwood ornament is part of a give away my friend Denalee of Silver Strands is having at her blog. Head on over for a chance to win this one of a kind ornament, as well as inspirational and uplifting words and shares. She has some heady connections so stop by won't you?

We have a Hiver Winner!

Thank you to all of you who left comments on my blog, and at Creating the Hive  for a chance to win a year with this delightful Terrye French Halloween clock in your home. I'm pleased to announce that Eleanor, from Cornerstoregoddess is the lucky winner! Please take time to stop by her blog and see the delightful jewelry she creates, and get to know her better. Eleanor is a prolific and talented writer,  magically weaving words throughout her blog posts on her newest creations, that keep us coming back for more.  So you get a twofer, beautiful jewelry and words to uplift the spirit. I'm off to let Eleanor know...