Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fishy WIP Done!

I love it when a plan comes together! I'm sure you've heard that one before, but this is a true statement for sure. My friend Marvel saw a piece at an art show that she wanted but didn't have the money to buy one so we made our own. I know, bad for business but this way you can choose your colors and style and make the piece your own. No we didn't copy completely, just used the basic idea to create a hanging that would look good in her home. She did great I think!
We sure had fun doing this, and it's a great way to spend good friend time. I enjoy teaching people but having a good student certainly helps! So this will hang in a place of honor in her living room. Way to go Marvel!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whoo-whooooooo you lookin' at?

On all Hallows Eve the owl took flight....
To see what he could see.
 An unusual perch appeared that night
with a smile filled with wicked glee!
 My first Halloween painting of the season. An OOAK by me for American Holiday Artists
If interested you can find this fellow at Mother's Dream Artworks
I accept Paypal so just click on the button and you can make this piece a part of your Halloween collection. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Painting

There's more to painting than just having a canvas and paints. Texture, layout, color and design all play an integral part on a good painting. The fun of painting is finding out what you can do in that regard. Or trying to work outside your normal comfort zone. These are just a couple stabs at these ideas.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Had to Paint Today

There are days when I just need to paint. I can't think of anything else to do but paint and so that's what I did. After mowing the lawn and shoveling gravel I pulled out the canvases and then some ideas that I'd saved. The lighting in my home isn't the best for photography so I took two. The bottom photo best reflects the true colors although the background in the top is my true to the painting.  Have you ever noticed that purple doesn't seem to photograph very well? At least that's been my experience. I started with a cowboy and hat, then went to an Indian chief, but neither was working for the size of the canvas I was using so I did this one instead. A stab at abstract, which is fun to do on occasion. I love bright and bold so here it is!

What's In a Picture

My vanity always gets the best of me when it comes to having my picture taken so I don't have them done often enough. The worst are the throw away cameras as they will add about 10 pounds or misshape faces among other things. I love how you can do so much with photos now though. I took the same photo and tried different effects to see what I would like better. The black and white is obvious of course, and I suppose the sepia one is as well, but can you tell which is the original and which is antiqued?
Using different effects is dictated by what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes a plain old black and white just looks better, depending on what you are going to do with the photo. Most actors and musicians have their portfolio photos in black and white or a slight variation of such. A person can actually look quite different from what you would see in a regular setting, just by changing the color of the photo.
What do you prefer when taking photographs? Do you ever play around with color and style to see what you can do? I could get bold with these photos, but I'm needing to change my photo on Facebook and other venues to show my new hairstyle. Which one do you like the most? Which one ages or makes look younger? This was a big step for me as I don't like to show photos so be gentle....:-)

VIDEO: Using Contact Paper for Masks & Stencils

VIDEO: Using Contact Paper for Masks & Stencils

Good morning and happy Monday to you! I love to get info emails from Empty Easel, but don't often take advantage of them like I should so this morning I decided to see what I could learn. Here's a wonderful tip for using contact paper that can help you add dimension and texture to your art work. Enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lest You Think I'm Just Goofing Off......WIPS

A summer to remember so far.....or not. After Kent ended up in the hospital I had a bout of something as well so we were a pitiful pair for a bit.  In spite of that we have been enjoying the summer by fishing and making a run to Portland to see my son. There was a huge pile of gravel in the front yard, but we hired 3 young men from church to move it for us, so we now have time to play. So playing I am!
The weather has been so pleasant I moved a little shelf outside so I can use it as a sculpting table. I parked it under the big willow in our front yard, and have been enjoying the cool breezes while I sculpt happily away! The Santa in the top photo still has some work, can you see what's missing? This bottom Santa is done as far as sculpting goes, so now on to painting when he's thoroughly dry. I now have several Santa's that need painting, and two that are in the sculpting phase, as well as two horse heads. There is also a Halloween guy waiting for arms and a stand. All fun stuff. I'm so glad the weather is so nice! How is your summer going?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah State Fair Here I Come!!

My hubby and I were just talking about this September's schedule. Yes I know, we are way ahead of the game, but my hubby likes to plan ahead. He asked me about Peach Days in Brigham city, which I had said would be fun to go to. I love peaches don't you?? Well, wouldn't you know it, Cathy from the Utah State Fair called me to confirm my being a working artist in the Creative Arts building the first Saturday of the Fair, September 11th. I will be there from 2-8 pm sculpting on gourds, with several to share hopefully. I'm so excited! What great exposure for me, and a good opportunity to show others what can be done with gourds. I've been told by gallery owners to not share how I do what I do, but hey, someone will come along and see my creations and try to copy them anyway. This happens a lot in Utah, but their style will be different and I have the advantage of more experience. I hope what I do will inspire someone to try something new. Sooooo, unless we get up really early to run to Brigham City, we will have to pass on Peach Days this year. Perhaps next year. Utah has so many fun things to do, such as the Greek Festival, which will be the same weekend we will be at the fair. The food is to die for, and the dancers are fabulous. So Utah State Fair, here I come! I hope to see some of you there!