Friday, July 16, 2010

Lest You Think I'm Just Goofing Off......WIPS

A summer to remember so far.....or not. After Kent ended up in the hospital I had a bout of something as well so we were a pitiful pair for a bit.  In spite of that we have been enjoying the summer by fishing and making a run to Portland to see my son. There was a huge pile of gravel in the front yard, but we hired 3 young men from church to move it for us, so we now have time to play. So playing I am!
The weather has been so pleasant I moved a little shelf outside so I can use it as a sculpting table. I parked it under the big willow in our front yard, and have been enjoying the cool breezes while I sculpt happily away! The Santa in the top photo still has some work, can you see what's missing? This bottom Santa is done as far as sculpting goes, so now on to painting when he's thoroughly dry. I now have several Santa's that need painting, and two that are in the sculpting phase, as well as two horse heads. There is also a Halloween guy waiting for arms and a stand. All fun stuff. I'm so glad the weather is so nice! How is your summer going?

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