Sunday, August 10, 2014

Making Progress on WIP's for Hallowbaloo..

Finally! Wow, the internet connection here is incredibly slow! So, here's a few of my pieces for Hallowbaloo. I do commissions, and take all type of Seriously though, I am slowly building my inventory for the big event. Can't wait to meet all my contemporaries, and rub shoulders with some of the best creators in Halloween folk art. Oh, an FYI, these are all gourds except for the little fella in front of the guy with his hands holding his mouth wide. He will have a wire, as he is a candy cup.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SALS Challenge - Hair

 Each month for the Stansbury Art and Literary Society Meeting we have a challenge. This months challenge was HAIR.
I love Victorian Ephemera so I used this darling image to loosely paint my angel you see above her. It was so fun to see if I could pull this off in a day, I did it! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone shares.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

An Autumn Abstract in the Making

Started off with gold and then orange. Now to the metallics. This will be fun!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whoohoo! It's Time to Get Ready For Hallowbaloo!

Come one come all, 
We'll have a ball!
Enchanting creations 
To delight your imagination! 
 I received an exciting invitation to debut at Seattle's first Hallowbaloo show this September! Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming! Funny how retiring from working as an art teacher has given me the opportunity to say YES, to participate in a new show. I will be rubbing shoulders with some of the best Halloween folk artists, which is thrilling! More information to come as I gather my wits about me and get down to business.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Americana Santa on PFATT

Not a lot of creative writing to be found in my scrambled brain right now as I am just wrapping up my final year teaching art and trying to sort out my comings and goings this year. I will have so much more freedom to be here and there so I'm looking forward to that. My daughter and I will finally get some good time together, and our home is going to get the finishing touches so we can move in next year, yay! So here's the skinny on my newest piece, no fuss, no fancy smancy language.

 Using a beehive textile bobbin, some clay and lots of creativity I pulled this Santa together. He has moveable arms that are attached with wire, and vintage buttons to spiff up his coat.
 This Santa stands on a wooden star base, and carries a pipe cleaner wreath and bottle brush tree.
As always, he is a one of a kind original that comes signed and dated. Find him at the PFATT Marketplace. Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, March 31, 2014

My Three Entries for the Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts

Calabaza de Cuero

 It's nail biting time again. Funny, I always worry about being accepted, and haven't been turned away yet, so why the nail biting? I guess it's that old lack of self confidence creeping in. Keeps me humble right? Lol.
Sunset In Sonora
 This was an interesting challenge, but a lot of fun to do. I wanted to try and use my doilies in a tree painting, and it worked, although I had another style in mind prior. What's nice is I can still try my other idea. I've learned though that joint compound does not like cold basement floors. It was a bit hard to spread, and a lot more crazing happened than I like. The paint filled most of that in luckily, and the antiquing process brought out what was left, to my advantage.
The Red Hen
Pastels and chickens, who knew that would be my new fun challenge to try?! I have a couple of other challenges in that regard, and my temptation is to blow past the sketch step and get right to it, but I think I will try and sketch out my idea first to make sure I have my light and dark areas figured out. I can do that while Kent is doing his dulcimer practice so it works for both of us.
I'd better get to finishing getting ready for work. I am introducing Mary Cassatt to my students today. It will be interesting to see how they settle in after Spring Break.