Thursday, November 15, 2018

Fall Into the Holidays With Mother's Dream Artworks 2018

 From adorable stacked pumpkin Jacks created to tickle your funny bone...
 to sweet, sparkly snowmen on repurposed candlesticks and salt shakers,
 and a happy pumpkin waiting for tasty Thanksgiving delights....
to a handsome Victorian style gourd Santa, MotherDreamRtworks shop on Etsy is 
brimming with one of a kind holiday creations, hand sculpted and painted with love. 
I'm busily working in my studio to add more Christmas pieces, some using Super Sculpey 
polymer clay; which is fast becoming my favorite medium for sculpting detail and texture. 
I love the way acrylic paints adhere to the clay in a semi transparent way, and yet allow
 for layering. I can achieve a nice vintage feel if I apply the paints carefully.
There are driftwood Santas and snowmen on the way, more gourd pieces, and 
a few spiced up vintage shakers and tins turned holiday angels, pixies and tomptens. 

Please Fall into the Holidays with me this year, as we give thanks for our many blessings, 
and spend time with those we love, celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

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