Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lovely sparkly glittery things........

 I've always loved sparkly pretties, especially when they are colorful and wearable. Mom used to have charm bracelets that we would put on and play with when we were doing the dress up thing.We loved to look through all her pretties and try them on, and since she's passed I've gotten a couple of her pretties to remind me of her.
 I also love to create gifts of all sorts for friends and loved ones, and anyone whose looked at beads knows you can't just buy a couple of strands. Once you get started, you come up with all sorts of rationales for why you need this or that color or style. What woman doesn't like to have a nice matching set of earrings and bracelet or necklace to match their favorite outfit?
 Okay, so maybe there are a couple of women out there, but really..... I would bet truth be told, they have a secret stash of bangles and baubles somewhere they will pull out for that special occasion. For me, that occasion can be as simple as running to Walmart.
I've opened a new shop on etsy to sell jewelry and collectibles. I have a bunch of pretty things created, and will get them all posted here shortly, but here is where I'm starting. I use all glass, metal or gemstone beads, no plastic here! To see where I'm starting, here's a peek at my etsy shop, Simply Sheryl's

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