Friday, April 24, 2009

WIP and Family Art History

I'm still plugging away at this doll. I painted her face, and used pastels to dust her cheeks and other features for shadows and color. I have wet wool wrapped around markers to form curls for her hair. When Emmett leaves I will be getting a design for something else done, and then working on this!
I had to share this, don't know why I haven't before. My great, great, great, great, grandfather was a designer of glassware. He has several patents, but this is the first piece I found out about, and then acquired. It's interesting how the finished piece is different from the drawing above.
Here is my Bird Pickle Dish, by Julius Proeger. The Proeger line is on my mom's side. The photo in the backround is mom with my real father on one side, and my grandma on the other. Mom is the dark haired women to your left as you look at the monitor.
Here are more examples of the dishes my gggg grandfather Julius Proeger designed. Pretty aren't they?!


Anonymous said...

They ARE beautiful! And to have the sketches too - very rare to have both! Have you framed it? :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog again! Nice to see you there!


Sheryl Parsons said...

What a great idea Diane! Thanks for that, I will have to do that for my family as well. Perfect! Thanks for stopping by as well.


anotherlinda said...

The doll is coming along nicely and it was so exciting to see the glass bird designed by your gggg grandpa! I LOVE the drawing especially. What a wonderful thing to have in the family!

Kaz said...

Hi there,
I am Kaz of Kazoriginals. You posted on my blog about my work. I am in the process of joining aha. Email me if you like at We have a lot in common.