Monday, April 20, 2009

Edwin is Done!!!

Man! Talk about a photo shoot from H - E - double toothpicks! This rascally fella was all over the place! I had to catch him as I could as he was in the house, then outside, and climbing stairs and I was about ready to ground him! Anyway, he has found a place in ebay land.
Follow my ebay link to the right to get to know more about him.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww!!!!!! Edwin rules!!! I love love love him!!!! I think his photo shoot turned out divine!!!

Hugs, MO

magikalseasons said...

Love him his eyes are the best!

Phillane E'lee said...

Very cool! I love his bright personality. He would bring a giggle or two.

anotherlinda said...

Well that little fella sure gets around! Great job...but I am NOT surprised. All of your work is great. I still haven't experimented with the paperclay/fabric....the outdoors keeps calling to me...especially the weeding!

anotherlinda said...

Well I see that the message I just left disappeared! I still don't have this down I guess.
I was saying how I loved your new little friend but am not surprised because all of your work is so imaginitive and you are just a sweetheart! What more can I say!

anotherlinda said...

Good morning neighbor! I forgot to comment on something I saw written under your newest post. You mention H E double tooth picks....when I was growing up Daddy would say H E double hockey sticks! Too funny!
I am having so much fun listing things on my blog and then directing onlookers to either my eBay site or Etsy...very clever. Thanks again.
I am still coughing so much at night that I get hardly any sleep and yet I am taking what used to be a powerful cough medicine. I wonder how long the cough will last! I'm in my 2nd week now.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Edwin is fantastic. I adored him even before you had him complete. Glad you got him rounded up to get his pictures. He must have been excited to be heading off to his new home. Grounded, hehe , how funny. One time, When my son was younger, I took him over to my father's to be babysat as I had got called into work. As I was heading out the door I told my father "Don't let Cass go anywhere because he is grounded." My father responded, "I only have one question. Who are you trying to punish? Cass or Me?" Boy did I laugh at that. Thanks for swinging past my blog today. He did turn out very close to what you thought in height. He is 6' 4" and weights aboout 280lbs. It cracks people up to see us together. Wow, yours turned out tall as well. Isn't it funny how that all works out?