Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A trip to the orient.....

 I had so much fun putting this necklace together! It took me back to the days, when as a child I lived in Taiwan. What an interesting adventure that was, with water buffalo taking a bath in the river next to the rice patties below our home. Often, when we would be out playing on the patio in our inflatable pool the Taiwanese children would be coming home from school. They would giggle and point at us, waving and smiling as they trudged up the dirt road to their tiny huts.
 We loved to go to Taipei where there were shops filled with smiling buddhas, gorgeous hand painted fans, and rooms filled with hand carved teakwood furniture. We begged and begged until we got our very own fans to hang on our wall in our bedroom. We had several momentos of our time there, including a lovely set of coffee and end tables with a hand carved pagoda design, and brass vessels  plus brass dragon candle stick holders.
 Sometimes Mom's helper DeeDee, who lived with us, would take us down to the market and buy us fresh sugar cane as she did her shopping. We were a novelty to the vendors and they loved looking at us American children, touching our hair, mine is extra curly, and patting us.
 I have plenty of snake stories to share, and a couple of accidents that happened but all in all Taiwan was a magical place for us. I still have copies of the hand painted Christmas cards we sent out the year we were there.
There is a romance to the orient that is hard to define, and I sure had a fun walk down memory lane as I created this one of a kind necklace. You can find more about it here - Simply Sheryl's

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