Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clowns and Santas and Jewelry, Oh My!

Hmmm, we shall see if blogger cooperates I'm so torn right now, between jewelry making and finishing up some projects that have been waiting to be finalized. In order to make room in my studio, and you can somewhat see how crowded I am, I'm trying to be diligent. The problem, my days are broken up so much I'm stressing over not having a nice chunk of time to just go at the big stuff.

 Jewelry on the other hand, is faster to do, although I do spend a couple of hours on each piece, trying out different beads and combinations before I finally put one together. I really need to get a beading tray, as I think it will help speed things up.
Regardless, I can get things done on a daily basis instead of taking days to finish things. I think I just need to have an attitude adjustment, but I will say I love to see finished products. The jewelry is up for consideration on etsy at Simply Sheryl's.

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