Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Copper and Turquoise and Silver Together...why not?!

 When I was 13 Mom decided to make us some clothes for the upcoming school year. Money was tight, so we marched on down to the fabric store in Enterprise, and got to pick out the colors of our outfits. I chose a pretty turquoise fabric for a skirt and reversible vest set she was making, and along with that some chocolate brown velveteen. The vest had button holes on each side so that three chain and button set could keep the vest laying down nicely in the front. I really loved the combination of the brown with the turquoise, just like in this necklace I've put together.
 Granted, chocolate brown and copper are not the same, but the antiqued tone to the copper findings and chain in this piece are very earthy and go well together with the turquoise colored pendant and beads.
The silver tone to the hinged bail and spacer beads makes a nice contrast to the copper, the heishi shell spacers are a lovely dark and light brown mix. Another fun creation you can find at Simply Sheryl's

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