Thursday, September 27, 2012

We 3 Santas of Alpenfest are bound....

 This weekend is Alpenfest here in Wallowa County, with all the fun that goes along, such as polka dancing, yodeling, Bavarian style foods and lots of vendors.
 Of course there must be Santas to round out the selection of goodies to be had, so I've been working like crazy to finish a few more pieces for the festivities.
 I've already talked to a few folks who haven't seen what I do yet, and they happen to collect Santa figures so I'm hoping they stop by.
These are just a few of the offerings I will have. Two gourd Santas and a tiny vanilla bottle Santa along with a handful of driftwood Santa pieces to be finished. I'm starting to catch a bug, but I'm fighting it, so let's hope I can beat it in order to enjoy all the fun. Hope to see you there!

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