Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spooky Dude Hanging with Friends

 Spooky Dude is happily hanging out with his friends the Sweet Mamma twins. He is tickled to be out and about and looks forward to Alpenfest in Joseph, Oregon next weekend.
 Spooky Dude is trying to find more of his friends in the squash patch.... I know there are more!
Oh, he caught me with my camera. Such a poser isn't he? At two feet tall, he is pretty impressive I must say. I will keep you updated on how he fares at Alpenfest. I have a companion to him that I'm working on, and maybe more. We may have a gourd Spooky Dude and friends invasion in NE Oregon next weekend. Bwaaaahaaaahaaaaaa!

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A Magical Whimsy said...

Awesome gourd transformation!
Teresa in California