Friday, January 21, 2011

I Have a Plan, Really I do......

I had to laugh when I noticed what I'd done here. Can you see the hole drilled in the dowel? You're probably wondering what sort of creature I'm trying to put together that would need a hole drilled near the bottom of the dowel. As usual I was working on 3 projects at once, the dovetailing technique in overdrive, and while shoes and hands were drying on one piece I decided to glue the base and armature of a future piece together. I thought I was so cool, actually drilling the hole in the dowel before I glued the base on so it wouldn't be so awkward to drill.
Yes, well, I suppose I needed a lesson in not getting ahead of myself. So now I will knock the base off and start again. Thank goodness I hadn't nailed the darn thing in place and really made it difficult to change. Oh sure, I could probably try and drill a hole on the other end, but lining it up would take more time than knocking the base off and re-gluing, after I turn the dowel right side up that is. :-)

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