Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn is slowly wrapping us in her glow....

     As a gardener I tend to check the weather forecast regularly. I first became obsessed with the weather when we lived in North Pole, Alaska. I looked for the first day to plant, and the latest I could leave things out without losing anything to frost. By the end of August we had usually had a hard frost, so anything in the garden not covered well looked like something from an alien movie. Green slimy leaves, and wilted plants told the story all too well. I can still smell the high bush cranberries, and the Labrador tea, and see the Midas touch on the birch tree leaves, mixed with the vivid red of the Fireweed. By this time it can be so cold that snow threatens any day. I see that this year they are having an Indian Summer as they are basking in mid 60 temps until next weekend.
      Back to Utah though, although it will be 89 degrees today, by next week we are looking at mid 70's temps. The nights have been cooler; my one lonely apple on my columnar apple tree is huge and red. The light comes through the window at a different angle and everything seems to be touched by a sort of golden glow. The wild sunflowers are in full glory, and the hills are tinged with a purple hue come evening. Mornings are cool and comfortable for exercise, and the smell of baked desert soil is going away to be replaced by a sweet freshness.
     We are also getting ready for the big car and air show here in Wendover and the weather is critical for pulling off a successful event. It appears that we will have a nice sunny day for the show, not too hot, and perfect. We are keeping our fingers crossed as things can change in a week, but so far all looks good.
     I love this time of year and how it inspires me artistically. The painting above was one done back in 2006, but is timeless in it's appeal. I will be creating new paintings of a similar style this weekend and hope to post them. In the meantime I have 3 prints of this painting being offered at my etsy shop right now so if you have a moment, won't you stop by and take a look? Here's to a great and restful weekend for us all.

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