Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrate365 was in my mail box...looky what can be found....

How exciting is this?! I feel like I'm back watching Romper Room where I see Robert and Susan and Scott and Sylvia, oh look there's Sheila and Joe and Jorge and Becca! We mustn't forget Iva, and Phillane and Joanne, and Sue, or Laura and Stephanie, and my goodness I see me! How fun to see my work amongst all these talented artists pieces! Thank you Connie for the wonderful layout. Great issue this one, as all of them are, but this one is super spectacular. For anyone who hasn't ordered one, please be sure and contact Connie at Celebrate365 . For anyone interested in my pieces, you can find the owl and moon painting at my etsy shop, and Gourdelia the witch, to the far left, at American Holiday Artists Studios Marketplace. Both links are to the right of this post. Thanks as always, for stopping by and saying hi! I love hearing from you.

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