Friday, April 23, 2010

Traveling Doll WIP for PWGL

The Prim & Whimsy Girls decided to create a traveling doll for charity so I signed up to be on the line up. I'm finding that dolls are a lot of fun to create! This doll came to me already put together and my part is to add the facial features and petals as she will be a flower head doll, plus paint those as well as the hands/arms and feet. I was so impressed with the body that Annie of Chickadee Primitives put together! Don't you just love the leaf hands? The next photo of my progress will show the boots with the curly toes.
I started my journey with this doll by mashing and spreading very wet paper clay onto the head. I did a thin layer so the clay would dry. Then to round out the head a bit I also added a piece of crumpled foil to the top and layered over more clay. This is the photo before the addition of clay on top so her head is still a little squat. I will share the next one soon. When this dries I will test for firmness and stability. If all seems good I will start adding the facial features. I think I will probably add one more layer of clay though before that just to make sure. Check back to see how this doll evolves.
Oh, the charity we chose was suggested by Pam Gracia. United Through Reading is an organization dedicated to to unite families facing physical separation by facilitating the bonding experience of reading aloud together. Thank you for stopping by today. :-)

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