Monday, April 26, 2010

Enchanted Makeovers WIP

I have a lot of ongoing projects that I'm trying to finish or getting going on. This is the first of a series of colored pencil drawings of women in different situations that will go on a collage titled INNER BEAUTY. This collage is for an event sponsored by Enchanted Makeovers, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating havens of hope out of women's shelters. Click on the name to learn more.
Why this setting for the first drawing? To me, a woman shows part of her inner beauty in the way she takes care of her family. Cooking delicious foods to delight our loved ones is a constant way of saying, "I love you and am willing to put in a little time to make something pleasing for you." After the twins go down for a nap I will start on my next scene. Hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow and I can share. Well, back to feeding the wee ones. They are snacking on graham crackers and have created quite a lovely mess....:-) If finger painting with grahams was an art form I would have two masterpieces!

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