Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why Not Wednesday...should we always share?

Yesterday a conversation was started on Facebook over the healthcare debate. I'm not here to post my feelings about it as we all have our reasons for feeling the way we do based on life's experiences, and our moral and ethical leanings. I made the mistake of sharing situations that are perpetuated over and over again in our community due to the demographic. I should have used a different choice of words such as "staying out of the limelight" or "not wanting to draw attention to themselves" as opposed to "staying out of trouble". Trouble for many in our community comes when INS does a sweep. Families are torn apart, and lives dramatically changed and yes, this is troublesome to them and all of us who know and love them. I have worked with children who aren't allowed to play outside at home because they live in fear of being sent back to their native country. It's heartbreaking to see how these people are used to further the greed of casino owners and will be dropped like a hot potato when the feds show up.
There are people though who delight in trying to make others look bad, when they themselves are merely pot stirrers who have nothing better to do. Wherever they go they eventually show their true colors by the trouble they like to start and this isn't the first time this person has done this, nor will it be the last. Why I let people like that bother me I don't know, but for any who may have been offended by what I said please know I'm truly sorry. I am very passionate about justice and freedom for all. I am also very passionate about injustice and prejudice on all levels. I take each person on their own merits, and would ask/expect that others do the same. If I say something that you don't agree with please contact me in private and lets talk. If I am wrong I'm not afraid to admit it and will share that. Thank you to the person who took the discussion down. There are some things that just can't be shared on the internet as they can be so misconstrued. Again my apologies for any hurt I may have caused.

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By Way of Salem said...

Boy is that ever the truth! Crazy how people almost choose to hear/read the bad instead of looking at it at all angles. My mom always told me never discuss politics or religion if you want to keep friends. I guess that still holds true today as well.