Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Not Wednesday...Friend Give Away Share

How Darling is this?! Why not share? Well I would like to be the only one in the hat for a chance to win this, but I know I won't be so I will share and hope for the best. I discovered Michelle's blog through Diane Knotts, another talented artist who's work I love. Some day I hope to be as talented and proficient as these two ladies, but for now, I will work hard to get there. Michelle has an etsy shop where she sells her work so there's more delightful pieces to see. Thank you Michelle, and here's hoping you will all take the opportunity to go see Michelle Palmer and her fabulous art.


Doreen said...

Thanks for letting us know :)..I actually just purchased one of Michelle's sketches on fabric and JUST opened it before coming's wonderful :)


Michelle Palmer said...

You're so very sweet! Thank you!
Hope your day is wonderful~

Anonymous said...

Aren't Michelle's little critter drawings just SO precious!!

And thank you so much for your comments on my blog about copyrights.
Bless you!