Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WIP Queen of Hearts

Creating a doll is not as easy as it would seem if you try and make your own pattern. Art is ever a learning process and that's half of the fun! This Queen of Hearts is a little bit prim, a little bit vintage with a retro twist. Prim in design with a vintage retro skirt of dotted swiss fabric. Do they even make dotted swiss fabric anymore? I found a couple of small pieces of the fabric, not large enough to do anything really big, but it is so cool I couldn't pass it up. Oh, the joy of the hunt when visiting a soroptomists store or other thrift venue.
This queenly lady has a hand painted face. The tall collar isn't attached yet, thus it isn't standing the way I would like, but she is as they say, still a work in progress. What are you working on today?


Confounded Concoctions said...


Her face is sooooo lovely!

Annette-Confounded Concoctions

mary helen said...

very sweet. I once had a dotted swiss Easter Dress when I was young.