Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Inspiration in the night.....

Don't you wish you could sleep like a baby? They can sleep any time any where or any place. Husbands can too so I've noticed. Anyway, I sure do, especially when I'm wide awake at 2:30 in the morning. Sometimes though, it's not a bad thing to be awake like that. For instance, this morning as I tried to get back to sleep after getting up to get some Advil for aches and pains, I mentally started the running list of projects I want to finish this week. Miraculously ideas came pouring out of a well of inspiration that I thought was usually dry in January. So I just let them come, one after another, and now am itching to get them all done. I need to write down and flesh out some of the ideas, which will have to wait until I'm home and Kent goes to his meeting. For now though I will enjoy the time with the babies, and know that all good ideas will still be there. I'm finding that amazing that I can remember the ideas as I usually forget them when I get up and can't seem to get any to budge from the dark recesses of my brain and show themselves again.
I do wonder why I felt the overwhelming urge to run.... which I did at 5:30 AM and am so glad I did! Do you ever wake up and have so many ideas you can't hardly contain them all or keep up? It's wonderful isn't it?!


anotherlinda said...

Yes I do know that feeling Sheryl! When I get up to take my generic Excedrin at all hours due to sinus headaches, I will sometimes make quick sketches on bits of paper...and I keep all of these because I know I won't remember if I don't!
I do not sleep well and would welcome a night without so much going through my brain though! Where is that OFF button when I need it! Best wishes to you! Linda

Ev said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful to be motivated & enthusiastic about the possibilities. It's going to be an awesome year, creatively. A TEN out of TEN!!!
You go, girl!