Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Biggest WIP yet!

Okay, so it's not art, but it's art related. Scary though isn't it?! We moved things around, including shelves to get our food storage in the big closet. Having done that I was left with huge piles of things that needed organized. I've been working on it as I can so it doesn't still look like this. I hope to have it finished and ready for unveiling tomorrow night. Then I can get back to creating. It's amazing the things you find that you knew you had, but didn't know where they disappeared to!
I don't know about you but before I start a project I have to have some semblance of order, at least to start out with. It doesn't stay that way most times, but the plan is, with the new see through drawer units, to save time and have a ready place to put things back when I'm done. The gals over at Prim &Whimsy Girls want me to show off my studio when I'm done so I better do this


Confounded Concoctions said...

Hi Sheryl,

I had to giggle when I saw your studio WIP!

Mine is alway a WIP!! On a good day mine looks like your photos...on a Good Day!

Love your work. I have been seeing it for awhile now and am happily adding you to my blogroll!

Here's to organization!

Annette-Confounded Concoctions

Anonymous said...

Oh, girlfriend, I'd say you have a little bit of a MESS there! LOL!

Diane :-)

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Annette, Thanks, it's good to know that I'm in good company. :-)

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Diane, Yes, I was a bit leery of sharing, but hey, I found the floor and am almost done! This is what happens when you have to move stuff several times due to floods, trading rooms and re-arranging.

mary helen said...

I can most definitely relate!