Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Palooza! WIP

At AHA we like to mix things up a bit and keep our artists if they aren't Holiday Palooza is a challenge we cooked up to challenge our artists to create cross over art pieces, such as Halloween with an Easter flair, Christmas with a patriotic touch, Easter in love. It has been fun to see what our artists have come up with. I decided to toss my hat in the ring and see how I could combine Christmas/Winter with Valentines Day. So here is a little snow angel waiting to get dressed. She was in the paint drying stage at this point; "warming her seat" as it were. I have continued on so come back and see how she turned out. I'm trying my hand at primitive again, it fascinates me how "prim" artists think. This little lovely will debut on Monday on ebay. In the meantime stop on by AHA to see all the latest in holiday art.

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Anonymous said...

Sheryl, thank you for posting on my blog about Photoshop. Yes, books can be confusing! I have a supposedly easy one here that I referred to during the class I'm taking and it helped clarify something.

I'm more of a hands-on, one task at a time learner! But time is my problem too! I've wasted time sifting through information that doesn't apply to what I want to do. I'm seriously thinking of doing Tara Reed's class next.

Online videos clarify for me what something should look like in progress...but do you think I retain the info? Nada! Short-term memory problems. So having text, especially with images next to me helps!

I WILL GET THIS!! Ain't no computer gonna win! ;-)