Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Quick Dash in to Share

My newest creation on etsy. Click on my link to the right to learn more.
And a little someone I just put up on ebay.


kaniki's said...

Hello my sweet friend.. Thought I'd pop in- as I am out spreading the word on my new marketplace!! It's taking the place of my older marketplace- with many many more fantastic features!! I'm spreading the word now- only to my fellow friends and artists- as I have not launched it's grande' opening to the public!!! Why? Because I am adding all of our artists pages and products as we speak- but want to make sure I get as many artists and goodies added before I announce to the world!! As soon as I'm about ready to launch- I'll be letting all the artists know- so they can preview listings etc, and their pages- and then I will be sending out a million newsletters and passing the word!! Its very exciting and am pleased with all the wonderfully talented artists that are joining!!

Sooo- if you want to take a peek- and remember- links are being activated daily- as pages are complete- I would love love to have you join us!! Be sure to take a look at the "About" page for more information- and of course take a peek at some of the active artists pages so you can see how things are working!! Ps... Spread the word... Artists now- everyone later!! Thanks bunches!!

Visit us- We would love to have you!!

Many Blessings

Sheryl Parsons said...

Hi Niki, Looks really nice! I will contact you for more info soon.

kaniki's said...

Sounds Awesome Sheryl!! Would just love love to have ya!! Lots of great girls jumping on board!! Looking forward to an exciting year!! And then some:)