Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stand up for America and Freedom!

We as Americans are facing a tough time. But, with our usual grit and backbone we can get through whatever comes our way. I love to create Americana figures, especially out of things found in nature.

This Uncle Sam is created from a Y in a tree branch and detailed using air dry clay. He stands on an old cedar plank and is 19" tall. All my own design and work, he comes signed and dated. Have a peek at him on ebay.


suzanne.artist said...

Your Uncle Sam is a wonderful addition to our aha blog!

Love how you incorporated the Y shaped branch into your art-very inventive!

Suzanne U.

Sheryl Parsons said...

Well thanks so much for posting a photo of him! AHA is such a wonderful group to be a part of!


Judy said...

Sheryl.....I love the way you Uncle Sam turned out! What a great idea of using the part of a tree for the armature. :o)
So glad to have heard from you on my blog. Small world huh? Found each other!!!! :o)