Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Angelia the Angelic

The name makes me want to have another child, just so I can use it....hmmmm I have a grandchild on the way...I could talk my daughter into using the name if she has a Today as I was putting the finishing touches on this piece my grandson and I went through the button box together.
Emmett was having great fun taking the buttons out of the cigar box and putting them on the paper plate with me. I had to run in and put more flour in the mixer for the bread, and got caught up in something else and before you know it.....

The living room was covered in buttons of all sizes. I walked out and he, in his cute little way, with arms outspread and hands facing me, told me in Emmettator speak, about his reason for decorating the carpet, the couch, and hallway with buttons. He's a good boy though, and helped me pick them all up.
Angelia is my newest creation up on ebay. Take a peek at her auction if you get a chance.

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Lisa Gatz said...

This is a beautiful, bee-yoo-teeful work!! I love it!

I had too much covered in buttons yesterday, too, from making a button bracelet. I love the description of Emmettator speak!