Friday, January 1, 2016

PFATT Ornament Swap Treasures

 My treasure trove of ornament goodies because I chose to be the Pfatt ornament swap queen this year. Oh! My! Goodness! Such talent we have in this group!
 We had eight ladies participate, so they sent their hand crafted ornaments to me, and I got to sort and send them new ornaments from each other. What fun this was! Stephanie Grimmond sent me this swap queen ornament, which is just adorable!
 Here's little houses she made, which I just had to have one for myself.
 Sylvia Smiser created this darling angel, complete with silvery wings and halo. I didn't want to unwrap until next year so she would stay safe.
 Rose Gilpin sent me an extra snowman, just for me! How sweet he is!
 Rebecca Campbell Miller created this darling snowbaby, and again, I will unwrap next year, but we were late getting all the ornaments gathered, so next year we all start with new ornies for our trees.
Becky Federico hand sculpted this sassy cat ornament. I'm pleased to say I own one of her pieces now as well. I have to say that picking out 4 for me was soooooo hard as there were so many delightful pieces to choose from. I hope to be able to do this again next year. I'm thinking I need a separate tree just for my PFATT ornaments.

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