Friday, September 16, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Halloween.....

 Everywhere I go..... I sure had fun pulling out the green tub and going through all my Autumn decor! I've hung the garlands, pulled out all the Halloween decor, and realize I need to buy a collectible for this year! Well, I may just have to run over to the American Holiday Artists Studios site and see what I can find. Hee, hee, I just found something to add to my collection! Yay!
 See how many artists work you can find here!
 and here! I got my feather tree from Benita Giacherio at Willow Springs Farm... you really should see the variety of feather trees she has. I have two now.
So it's time to get the mess cleaned up and enjoy the evening. It's raining here so I have the windows open to let the fresh air drift through the blinds....don't you love the smell of an Autumn rain?!

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