Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm not goofing off, really I'm not....

 Okay, rules for taking photos #1 Never wrap something until you know the photos are clear and sharp....  Ahhh well, what can I say, live and learn right?
Among the many projects in my studio were creating this pair of earrings for a family member who has a birthday coming up shortly. Simple with spring colors to perk up any pink lovers ensemble, I sure hope she likes these.
Here's the box I jazzed up to hold the earrings. It's always nice to have "stuff" on hand to make gifts out of isn't it? One of the advantages of being a creative spirit.
Well, back to the studio to work on 3 dolls that were commissioned to go along with my last Queen of Hearts doll, as well as a new art technique I'm testing and a bunny for the upcoming AHA Spring launch. What is going on in your studio these days?

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