Monday, March 7, 2011

How do you help....

As I sit here today sanding away the rough spots on my latest sculpture, my heart wishes it could wipe away the pain our community is feeling right now. We lost a bright young lady this last week to a tragic death. We've been told the perpetrator is in custody and has made a confession. No one has the details yet, and hopefully they won't be splashed across the news as there is already pain enough in our little town and this usually only serves to sensationalize the incident and hurt those who've lost their loved ones. 
Both of these young people had promise, and now one is gone, and the other will be put in jail for a very long time. How do you help all the families involved? How do you reach out to them, unlike my sculpture you know the cracks in their lives will be hard put to be repaired if ever. You can't give back a life, and you can't take back an action against another, once committed. So many people were involved in these young lives, and so many will be hurting for a very long time.
And then there's our family, and the struggle with trying to deal with my niece's father's murder in January. We still have no why or who in that tragic incident. Her mother died 6 years ago in a sad and awful way, so my niece has lost both of her parents in a short span of time. We have little contact as she hasn't had the opportunity to be around us much and has her own life with her husband. Yet I know that she will miss/misses her parents. My first instinct has been to want to gather all my family close so I know they are okay. I can't do that as one daughter is far away in Alaska, the other in Alabama, and my son in Oregon. My one grandson is in Arizona. The only consolation I have is that no matter what, I know Heavenly Father is there, and He knows what we need. Please pray for us in Wendover and West Wendover. We are trying to sort this all out and want to be a support to anyone who may need it but sometimes it's so hard to know how....your prayers will surely help.


mary helen said...

so, so sorry to hear of the sad and tragic story. I hope as well that the media will be thoughtful in their reporting. My thoughts and prayers to the families, the town and to you and yours. ~mary helen

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy. I do not watch the news, so this is the first I have heard.
Sending prayers to the family's and friends and town.