Monday, February 7, 2011

A gift for my daughter, hand made stationery

As I talked to my oldest daughter recently she mentioned that she was thinking of hand writing letters to her friends in Alaska. With her birthday coming up this week I decided to experiment and see if I could make some art stationery for her. I first thought of scanning all sorts of lace trims and such and then it donned on me, oh duh! I have some of my art sketches on the computer already, so why not try those?! 
These aren't too fancy mind you; hey it's a start, and I'm going to experiment with different scanned items to see if I can add a touch of vintage to my stationery as well, but these turned out pretty nice. My favorite is the Pansies with it's lavender lines. I created lined sheets without the art as well, so she could have the first page with the art and the rest just for writing. These are done two to a standard sheet of paper so they are smaller, the half sheet size, which I personally like more. She will get a stack of all three designs with a request to let me know which she likes the most. So here's to a happy birthday for my Stephanie!

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