Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adorable Vintage Style Sketches

My mother-in-law creates the cutest little sketches! Considering the fact that she is almost legally blind I think she does fantastic. Coming from that era where they lived by the motto, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without", she will put little illustrations such as these on presents that she's wrapped with white paper she has kept, or on the corner of a birthday letter envelope or even the letter itself. She will cut out pictures of flowers and such from magazines and ads to use as stickers as well. I've been saving all I've gotten from her to use for embroidery designs on baby blankets and such. Our nephew and his wife just had their first baby so I asked Mom to create some pictures I could use to make something for the new little one. Here's what she did for me, so I'm using the one on the top left in a wall hanging with the baby's name and date on it. I can't wait to show you what it turns out like. It may take a little bit though as I save working on it for when I'm with Mom and Dad so I can do it while chatting with them. After I get the embroidery done I will be covering the mat with a quilted cover that has tiny buttons from great grandma's button jar and "pearls" from a little necklace this little baby's grandma had when she was little. A little bit of history in the design that I will type up and add to the back of the finished work. I found a shadow box frame with mat at the DI store that will work perfectly for all of this. So many of you have inspired me with your creative ways, so I credit you for all you do. I will share a photo of what I'm doing soon.

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