Friday, October 8, 2010

Santa in the pumpkin patch?

 When you have a traveling art studio like I do you have to find any place available to let pieces dry.
 Sometimes you share counter space with garden goodies such as these big pumpkins. Sometimes...
 you have to find creative ways to sit things up so they won't get smashed in the drying phase.
Then there are times you have to utilize any protruding implement to hang things from. Would things be any different if I were home? Probably not, but I know where all my good hanging /sitting places are there. Thankfully the folks I tend the twins for are very supportive of my artistic efforts. :-)
These Santa's are a commission for a friend who wants to give them as gifts for Christmas. I would give her name, but one of her family members might stumble upon this post and then there would be no surprise!
The update on the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers is that it was so corny,  a bit creepy and worth watching once! We got two car loads of stuff moved, and some stuff put away as well as finishing up the canning on tomatoes and applesauce. Alabama, here I come!

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