Monday, October 18, 2010

A Running Jump At Art

 Last night I attended a Fireside at church that was quite uplifting. I got there just as the meeting was starting though so I ended up on the back row with a family who has a toddler who loves to color. It was interesting watching him as he would lay his paper on the floor and then back up quite a ways. He would then run towards the paper and jump just before he bent down with his crayon to add color to his picture. He did this over and over again and was quite entertaining. No, he wasn't the best part of the night, but a fun part none the less and got me thinking.
 Is this how I and others sometimes approach our art? I have a tendency to have an idea, but rather than sketch it out I will often rush right into the creating. I will have to back up and jump in again and again until I have a finished piece.
 Sometimes I'm pleased, and other times I have even better ideas after the fact. Is that how it is with you or do you always sketch your ideas out to see whether they are what you are wanting? Some folks like the spontaneous feel of just going at it, but is that a good thing to do?
As part of a challenge we were given last night we were asked to think of a bad habit to give up and or a virtue we want to develop. We were told to write it down, but not to reveal it until Christmas day as a sort of gift to the Savior. So I want to apply this to my ability to create. I'm wondering if I can improve and grow if I'm willing to slow down and really think and sketch my ideas out. I believe our talents, what ever they may be are a gift from God, and that we have a responsibility to develop them to the best of our ability, and then learn to rely on divine inspiration to fill in the gaps of our human shortcomings. Am I saying that this will be a part of my challenge response, well I'm not sure yet. I will say this, each of the pieces above were done on the run so to speak without a real plan. I just wonder......
So how do you approach your art? Are you always on the run, or do you plan each piece with careful deliberation. As an FYI all of these are now on ebay. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Sheryl, This is a wonderful post!
I have a 3 year old grandson that loves art. He is so content.. deep into thought, I love to watch him sculpt, draw and paint.

I probably, 70% of the time have an idea pop into my head and I immediately go at it full force, then stepping back and coming back in as you said so perfectly. 30% of the time I will draw my design down to every detail. my head always has ideas running through my mind.. When I take the time to sketch my idea out, is usually when I am relaxing watching T.V.
I don't particularly think my ideas that I have sketched on paper turns out better then my spontaneous creations. However, the ones I sketch do seem to come along smoother without any obstacles.


Sheryl Parsons said...

It's always a mixed challenge isn't it Diane, to sketch or not to sketch. It's always good to hear from you. :-)