Friday, October 1, 2010

Reasons to Believe a dream come true....

I just want to pinch myself every time I get a photo from Scott. It just tickles me to pieces to think that once upon a time, in little old North Pole, Alaska, I would dream over the BHG Santa Claus publications while I perused the different artists work such as Scott Schultz and Dennis Brown, Kathy Cornell, and many others that are so very talented. When Ginny Diezel, a talented artist herself, urged me to contact the folks at Reasons to Believe I thought, oh, there's no way I will be accepted, these people have been doing this for years, and so on. You know all the self doubt stuff you tell yourself. While I've been creating Santa figures of one sort or another for years, I didn't settle on gourd and sculpted clay Santa figures until a couple of years ago. I decided to stop pushing myself to finish a piece quickly and just concentrate on the design and painting. It sure paid off, and I'm so thrilled.
As a side note, I noticed when I visited the site for North Pole that they are working on developing a theme city again. If you get a chance, click on the link above and see what they are up to. Here's my contribution to the idea, implemented 15 years ago when I was on the NPEDC.
The candy cane light poles were an idea I never thought would come to fruition, but here they are!  I would also love to see a cute gingerbread house or two, but they would have to be done carefully, not cheesy. Anyway, just my ramblings for the day. Hope you have a great weekend. :-)

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Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Wonderful Sheryl!
You deserve a big congratulations. You work so hard and it shows in your gorgeous Santa's.
You are so very talented, I always love to see your new creations.