Thursday, May 6, 2010

WIP's Finished!

There are some good things about being home sick, such as getting some art done. Oh no, I didn't call in sick. The other day the twins daddy was up all night losing his dinner and the next morning the twins lost their breakfast all over me. Then the next day I started feeling puny and the twins were still struggling as well as mommy and big sister so we decided it would be best for me to stay home. So, when I can muster up the strength to go sit for a bit, I've been painting and putting together some pieces. This Santa is finally done and will be destined for Reasons to Believe.

Two projects I started a while ago that I finally finished, yay! I wanted to try a bit of  curly wool for hair on my newest Uncle Sam doll. He was fun to do, but now I'm covered in little white hairs from trimming his hair and beard. The other Uncle Sam wall hanging was a foam star I sculpted over and then applied to a hand painted frame with a vintage photo of the Declaration of Independence in the background. These two fellas will be part of my line up for PFATT this month. So I'm done for tonight. It's movie time, which is welcome as I'm ready to just sit and veg. Have a great evening. :-)


OldeTimeDolls said...

They are all fabulous Sheryl! I love the vivid colors a lot, :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

Great patriotic Sams, and I love the

Happy Mother's Day!