Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Not Wednesday...Friend Share

A long time ago, in a land far away.....oh, no, wait! That was a story I read once....or was it a movie? I really don't remember, and yes it has been a while since I met Suzanne Urban of Smirking Goddess Studios. She first contacted me through ebay asking me to join her newly formed group, American Holiday Artists Ornaments. She had a vision, and saw a need to  fill for collectors of ornaments. We started out with the idea of just creating year round ornaments but had so many fabulous artists join us who did so much more than ornaments that we decided to expand our venue to include all types of holiday art. Thus we became American Holiday Artists. Suzanne has been a powerhouse in keeping our group running, and has sacrificed many, many hours to promote and upgrade our group.
Today I'm spotlighting her as I so admire her ability to create whimsical illustrations and designs. Not only that though, she creates the most incredibly detailed and amazing needle felted figures!
Her dedication to detail and design shows in all of her work. I own several of her little mini paintings done in her unique style, as well as a needle felted bear ornament that is just darling. Wouldn't you just love a children's book with full of Suzanne's delightful work? Learn more about Suzanne at
Suzanne Urban Designs.

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Ev said...

You betcha!!! A children's book would be a terrific idea. And an 'I think SU ROCKS Fan Club'. Talented, creative, energetic, generous - a visionary!