Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Things

A few years ago now, I was sent some gourds with the challenge to see what I could do. this lady bumble bee was started back then, and has been hanging out around my studio without her limbs attached or being painted and dressed. She finally had enough and told me that if I didn't get her finished she would find someone who would. She's quite happy now so all's well that ends well. She was created using a bottle gourd. Her wings were hand cut and glittered as well as her "petal" skirt. She is really much more darling in person.
Bunnies and chicks pull toys are these adorable little egg babies. Both are hand sculpted, painted and dusted with glitter.
Not sure if these will be ebay, etsy or my website. Send me a note if you are interested. What are you working on these days? Right now, one of my little charges is demanding my attention, so off I go for my daily mashed sweet potato shower. Have a nice day!


Christine Edwards said...

Okay, love the bee...she's so sweet. And the bunny and chick pull toys...adorable! Looks like you've been very busy.

Lisa Gatz said...

I was looking for your Etsy site but couldn't find it. The link took me to my homepage. Could you send it to me? Thanks! Love your work!