Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to sign up for 2 Valentine swaps. The lovely Valentine card and ornament you see above was created by Ashlee of The Paper Heart . Isn't this just darling?! So pretty and feminine! I love it! This event was sponsored by our PWGL team. Stop by our blog to see all the other creations sent out.

Christine Edwards of A Work in Progress sponsored a secret admirer swap. Angie of Hopemore Studio overwhelmed me with such wonderful generosity! I had to take 3 photos to show all the delightful creations and trinkets she sent my way. I will be having a blast using some of the things to create my own pieces of art. Take a look at the hand made box, the card and the pin and charm. Amazing work! I will be doing this one for sure next year if Christine hosts it. Thank you Christine, this was fun!


Debby said...

The swaps look gorgeous, how fun!

Anonymous said...

Sheryl, Wow...some story about the dog and more specifically the owner on your other blog. I'm with you on this!

Let me know when you make something with those craft goodies you just received! Would love to see!


Christine Edwards said...

Wow, Sheryl, Angie did spoil you. How fun! I've been really impressed with all the valentine's and treats that have been sent. Hope you had a happy hearts day. ;-)