Thursday, March 5, 2009

More WIPs

This little bunny went to market.....oh wait a She's a topper, and you will have to come back to see what I mean.

In the mean time, my hubby bought me Les Miserables for my birthday, not the complete version mind you as he doesn't like really long books, but this one has at least 1000 pages with all the commentary. So far I'm enjoying it thoroughly! It really makes you think about people, situations; what's going on in the economy right now that mirrors the philosophy of Victor Hugo's writing. Life can really be as simple or as complex as we choose to make it depending on whether we base our lives on values and solid principles or living by a whim, and what ever makes you feel good at the moment.

I love the saying, "Let a smile be your umbrella." Smiles are a sure way to light up another persons life, and help chase the clouds of doubt and despair off to rain on another unwatchful recipient. So, in a good portion of my creations you will see a smile. I'm not into the sad and morose looking Folk Art, so artists like Suzanne Urban of Smirking Goddess Studios, constantly delight me with their fun and whimsical art. Visit her blog to see what I mean.

Wheels and carts, some say we may end up back in the horse and buggy days, which will really put a cramp on internet sales don't you think?! But seriously, being down to one car since our roll over has me really thinking about transportation and whether we really need to get another car to replace mine. I'm a tad selfish in that I really don't like a manual transmission or a car as small as a roller skate, so I'm having a hard time with the idea of not getting a car for myself. But we will have an excellent opportunity to pay off the roller skate. I'm thinking we teach Annie to drive the roller skate, and let her buy it (well sort of, she is a starving student) and then get us a slightly larger vehicle with all wheel drive for winter driving and hauling things around. Something used and cheap, but still running . :-) No need to decide now though and in the meantime I'm getting ready for this months PFATT Marketplace.


Chicken Lips said...

Wow! Love your work! So glad I stumbled across your blog!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Why thank you David! The feeling is mutual! I'm thinking I need to follow yours.