Friday, March 27, 2009

101st Blog Post Give away.....

I've noticed that a lot of my blogging friends like to do a give away for their 100th post, but we are going to try something different so I'm doing the 101th post give away. The cute little bunny ornament you see could be yours if you are the one who can guess or get fairly close to what the start of this creation in the photo to the left is going to be. I will run this give away until April 1st, so you have five days to think about it and get your post in. As an added bit of fun, we can play 20 questions so you can try and get clues out of me. You may post as many times as you want, but hold on to that guess until you think you are sure what it is.
So put those thinking caps on, start asking questions and let's have fun!


Holiday Queen said...

This is going to be fun! Will it be some sort of animal?

Sheryl Parsons said...

Yes! Smart lady you are!


Huckleberry Arts said...

I am gonna throw a Guess out there and say a Kitty......

But also a question will it be holiday related?

Wonderful Giveaway !!!
Have a beautiful day

Chicken Lips said...

I'm seeing a bunny I even close?

~Tonya said...

What a sweet bunny ornament and what a neat idea for a giveaway!

What sound does this "animal" make?

Blessings to you Sheryl,

suzanne.artist said...

I guess it's going to be a sun with a face?

Suzanne U.

Connie said...

Gee ... just when I've going to be away from my computer!

I real life, would your animal have feathers?

Seasonal Whimsies by Susan V said...

Looks like paper mache I can see eye and nose some one guessed kitty maybe a black cat for Halloween? Susan

Sheryl Parsons said...

Okay, let's see if I can organize this to respond to the questions and my bad, for those who haven't played 20 questions they need to be something I can answer yes or no to... the actual guesses on what it could be well I'm keeping those out there for now....

Holiday Queen #1. yes

Huckleberry Arts #2. yes

Connie #3. No

Susan V. #4. No

Thanks for all who have tried so far! Keep asking questions that I can answer yes or no to. The actual guesses I'm tracking.... hee hee....

snippetgirl said...

Super cute bunny ornament!

As for the mystery critter....

Can it be a pet??

Sheryl Parsons said...

Snippetgirl #5. yes!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Sheesh, I was up in the middle of the night worrying about this and realized I wasn't very clear, can you tell I got ahead of myself? I will be gone for most of the day but will check back tonight.

Here's the questions and guesses so far:
Questions Guesses
1. Animal? yes------- kitty
2. Holiday themed? yes --- bunny
3. have feathers? no ---- sun/face
4. Pet? yes blackcat

Now, more than one of you may come up with the answer so I'm not going to give the real answer away until April 1st. There is a clue in one of your posts so far so keep up the questions, we have 16 more to go!
Have a great day!

Lezlei Ann Young said...


You are so sweet to stop by my blog and leaving a comment. I LOVE Nancy Wilson!

The banner...I really need to update

I LOVE your blog and your WONDERFUL creations. What material are you using for sculpting?

Stay Creative!


~Tonya said...

This is FUN! I think it looks like a little baby sheep laying there.

No questions today. HA!

Have a great weekend!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I guess. . . a little chick.

Seasonal Whimsies by Susan V said...

Is the Holiday Mother's Day? Susan

Seasonal Whimsies by Susan V said...

Is it Easter themed? I feel like a dummy for asking on the answers it says yes bunny or yes kitty? I think I am confused. Sorry Susan

Sheryl Parsons said...

I understand your confusion Susan. I set it up to have the Answers and Questions separated but it didn't post that way so I will create a list of Questions here and then the guesses. Sorry, I'm on a learning curve here.

1. Animal? yes
2. Holiday themed? yes
3. have feathers? no
4. Pet? yes
5. Mother's Day? no
6. Easter? Yes

Guesses or stabs so far..
bunny face
sun with face
black cat
baby sheep

Okay, there's still time to try again.

Holiday Queen said...

The Easter Bunny?